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Pervobytnaia arkheologiia. Zhurnal mezhdistsiplinarnykh issledovanii
Prehistoric Archaeology. Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies
Pervobytnaia arkheologiia. Zhurnal mezhdistsiplinarnykh issledovanii
Prehistoric Archaeology. Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies

Dolgushin I. D., Tabarev A. V. On the 100th anniversary of M. Uhle's works in Ecuador

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Resume. The year of 2019 marks the hundredth anniversary of the beginning of Max Friedrich Uhle’s archaeological explorations in Ecuador. Max Uhle was the first professional archaeologist who started to work in this country. He spent more than twenty years in Ecuador and carried out archaeological excavations in almost all regions of the country. He discovered for archeology the ancient Inca city of Tomebamba, explored tolas of La Tolita site in Esmeraldas, excavated a lot of sites in the central and coastal parts of Ecuador. Мax Uhle was the founder of the Ecuadorian archaeological school, his studies were continued by his students and followers, and remain relevant to this day.

Keywords: Max Uhle, Ecuador, Tomebamba, Tumaco-Tоlita, hyperdiffusionism, history of archaeology.

Received 29.09.2019, accepted 11.10.2019.

DOI: 10.31600/2658-3925-2019-2-98-109

For citation: Dolgushin I. D., Tabarev A. V. On the 100th anniversary of M. Uhle’s works in Ecuador. Prehistoric Archaeology. Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies. 2019 (2), 98-109 (in Russ.). DOI: 10.31600/2658-3925-2019-2-98-109


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